Grow Your Own Pumpkins

Pumpkins are great for children to grow because they are a hardy plant. If you have purchased one of our fun pumpkin kits here are the instructions below.

Step 1: Fill your biodegradable pot with the compost allocated, leave a bit over to top up the seed.

Step 2: Make a hole 3/4″ deep and plant your seed facing up. Cover this with the remaining soil

Step 3: Water your plant with a small bit of water. You want to wet the soil but not soak it.

Step 4: Place your pumpkin in a warm place until he breaks through the soil.

Step 5: Move your pumpkin to the window still and leave him there for 7 days. This should allow his second set of leaves to form.

Step 6 : Plant him in your garden with enough room to grow. The pot will break down in the soil so you do not need to worry about repotting.

Step 7: Take a picture of your pumpkin and tag @thedragonsquillbookstore on instagram #thedragonsquill