Monthly Book Subscriptions

Pick My Own: Monthly Book Subscription

Pick my own: monthly book subscription by The Dragon’s Quill allows you to pay monthly through direct debit for a book of your choice each month.

Our monthly book subscriptions are flexible so you can add on as many books as your require each month. For each additional book your will receive a discount.

Book credits will be allocated to your account if your book credit is not spent. Book credits do not expire.

Why Choose A Monthly Subscription

Planned Payments

Our monthly book subscription : pick your own book allows you to pay for your book order easilt through direct debits. This allows you to plan for your book order every month. For each book you pay for, you will be allocated 1 credit. Spend them monthly or save them and spend them later - it's up to you!

A Great Gift

This is the perfect gift for any bookworm who knows what they enjoy reading. This monthly book subscription allows the recipient to pick there own book each month and check out with your subscription name. You can give the gift of a subscription for 1 month to 24 months - It's up to you.

New & Exciting Books

The Dragon's Quill has a wide variety of children's books that have all been hand chosen by our dragons. We are ordering in new books every month from unique and classic authors to ensure their is always a new book you will want to add to your book collection.



Fantastic Kid’s Book’s

The Dragon’s Quill hand picks and read’s every book to ensure we only stock the best stories. We aim to stock unique and local authors for contineously fresh content. If you cannot find a book, please contact us and we can order this in for you.

Irish Customer Service

The Dragon’s Quill is your local children’s bookstore in Northern Ireland and we pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful irish customer service. Whether you shop online or visit us at your local market, we are here to help you find the perfect book.

Fast Shipping

We post all orders first class with Royal Mail ensuring your book gets to you in 1-2 working days. We post your order on the same day you place your order. Cut of times Mon-Fri (2:30pm), Saturday (10:00am).


What does my monthly book subscription include?

Your monthly book subscription operates as a credit system. You choose how many books you would like per month and this amount will be direct debited from your account. Each book you add will give you 1 credit to spend whenever you like. You, a family member or friend may use your subscription name to order a book through The Dragon’s Quill.

When will my book come?

All books that are available and instock will be sent out that day or the next working day with royal mail.

Do credits have an expiry date?

Credits do not have an expiry date. You can save and use them at anytime.

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

The Dragon’s Quill uses Chargebee to process your payments. This does not require access to your bank account. Simply add your card details and you are all set!

Can you choose a book for me each month?

The Dragon’s Quill can choose a children’s book each month for you. Please see our subscription for Gift subscripion: Pick A Book For Me

Is it available in my country?

The Dragon’s Quill is based in Dromore, Northern Ireland. All of our monthly book subscriptions are available in Northern Ireland and the UK. We are hoping to expand to Ireland shortly.

What if my payment bounces?

If your monthly payment bounces, Chargebee will attempt to take the payment again the following day. If this payment bounces, it will try one more time. After this your account will be suspended, however you can reactivate it anytime through your chargebee portal.