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Great adventure books and tips to make the most out of reading adventure stories with your child.

Adventure books are an important part of any child’s library. They encourage imagination, teach us about the world and encourage us to never give up. They can teach us the importance of friendship and show us how to be brave, but most importantly they make us see the world in a new light. They create a magical world where anything is possible and we can be the heroes of this world.  

This article covers what makes a good adventure book, children’s adventure books The Dragon’s Quill recommends and tips on how to get the most from reading adventure books to your child.

great adventure books for children by the dragons quill

What Makes a Great Adventure Book

A great adventure story has the ability to draw us into a new world packed with possibilities. We should love the characters and care about the things that are important to them. We should find friends, role models and learn new things. There should be a great hero, a trusty best friend and a daring mission.

Adventure books we recommend

Finding a great adventure book is hard to find when you are not quite sure what you are searching for. Most people know the classics e.g Harry Potter but these can be a bit scary for younger readers. We have compiled a list below of some great books for adventurers of all ages below.

Land of roar childrens book front cover the dragons quill northern ireland

Land of Roar

Land of Roar is the first book in an exciting trilogy series. When I read this book I automatically fell in love with the characters. The caring grandpa that makes adventure a possibility, Arthur the underdog hero and the brave, courageous Rose. 

This book is about two siblings who embark on an adventure to save their grandpa from a scarecrow in the land of Roar. This land was created from their imagination and thus is packed with great characters that young children can relate to. We have mermaid-witches, ninja-wizards and the lost girls. This book is truly spectacular and will have you reaching for the next book to Return To Roar. 

The Land of Roar is written by the author Jenny Mclachlan

Land Of Roar
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The Haunting of Aveline Jones

The Haunting of Aveline Jones is a fantastic book for mystery lovers. This book is a real page turner and has earned its place on our list. This book sets the scene really well and builds up the atmosphere throughout the book. 

The story is set in a small seaside town in England, where it is always dreary. Aveline is left with her aunt for what she is sure to be a boring halloween break, until she discovers a bookstore. This bookstore is any bookworm’s dream, it is packed with both ancient and new books that overflow onto the floors. Aveline discovers a great book about ghosts in the town and a diary of a girl that went missing years ago, with help from a new friend.

The mystery develops and drags you in deeper with each chapter and the ending does not disappoint. I highly recommend this book for any child over the age of 9. Due to it being a mystery book it can be a wee bit scary for younger readers. 

The haunting of Aveline Jones is written by Phil Hickes and his second book, The Bewitching of Aveline Jones is coming out on the 16th September 2021.

Aveline Jones
here be dragons childrens book the dragons quill bookstore northern ireland

Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons is a great adventure picture book about a knight and his trusty horse. The knight processes a map that leds to dragons and the knight is keen on finding one. This adventure story follows the hilarious horse and knight on their journey to find a dragon.  Do you think they will find one?

This is a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book. We would recommend this book for children aged 3-6 as it is a longer story and the illustratrations include things to pick out. This is a great book to read together during the day or just before bed. 

The story is written by Susannah Lloyd and illustrated by Irish illustrator Paddy Donelly.

Here Be Dragons
The mist monster childrens book front cover sold by the dragons quill

The Mist Monster

The Mist Monster is the perfect book for any young adventurer. Although the book title features the word monster, this story is quite the opposite. It’s a great feel good story about friendship and exploring that will make you laugh out loud. 

Penny moves to a new house and her dad tells her it’s going to be a great adventure…and a great adventure needs a great explorer hat. Penny chases her dog through the garden to retrieve her adventure hat but she’s not alone, she has help from her friend the mist monster named Morris. 

The mist monster is written and illustrated by Kirsti Beautyman

This Mist Monster

Make the Most From Reading Adventure Books With Your Child(ren)

When you read with your child, make time to discuss the characters, plot, meaning and potential endings. We recommend doing this at the end of every reading session. If you are reading just before bed, you will want to take a mental or physical note to discuss the adventure book in the morning. 

Encourage your child to ask questions, and ask them questions to find out what they like about the story. If you can, try and find books with similar themes, characters, and creatures to encourage deeper interests. 

The goal is to allow the adventure book to spark curiosity and love of exploring something new. Most importantly encouraging a love of adventure.  

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