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Dragons in Ireland


Dragon’s are a part of mythology, meaning they belong to myths and legends. It is believed the first dragon stories originated from people discovering dinosaur fossils. They feared dangerous reptiles such as snakes so when they seen the fossils their immagination and scenses created Dragons. Although, what you choose to believe about the existence of dragons is up to you. We believe that there are some dragons remaining in this world but they are hiding away from humans.


What does a dragon look like?


What a dragon looks like can vary across continents. In Asia the dragon is depicted as a scaly reptile with four legs and breathes fire. Where European dragons have massive wings and resemble the dragons we see in books and films such as Harry Potter and Eragon

Who was the last dragon in ireland?


The last dragon in Ireland was named Lig na Paiste and he existed at the same time as St Patrick. He was a giant serpent who could spit fire and venom. He was as tall as two men stacked high. He was long enough to curl around a green hill in the dark valley near Ownereagh river and hold his tale in his mouth. He had great big ram horns that could only belong to a creature that came from the beginning of time itself. His scales were larger than a man’s head and they were impenetrable. His teeth were sharp and his tongue black. He was a mighty creature feared across the land!

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The Story of The Last Great Reptile


When Saint Patrick banished the serpents from Ireland, one serpent went overlooked. A dragon called Lig Na Paiste or “ last great reptile.” He hid in the shadows until Saint Patrick passed away – then he made his presence known to the local people in Owenreagh. 


No warrier could defeat this mighty beast and thus began his reign of terror from the slopes of the sperrins to the shores of Lough Foyle. He burned crops and cattle to seek vengeance on the land for his lost kin. 


The local residents turned to a holy man of faith, Saint Murrough O’Heaney. He heard their cries and fasted for 9 days and nights. While praying and fasting, he saw a vision showing him how he could defeat the mighty dragon. 


O’Heaney went to the dragon’s lair, bringing with him 3 long reed rods. The fearsome dragon lifted his head as O’Heaney approached and began to laugh. He believed the locals had sent him as a tasty gift. But O’Heaney remained calm and tricked the dragon. He pretended he was carrying out an old ritual. For this ritual, he needed to place the 3 reed rods around the dragon and pray. This is what he did…


The reed rods turned into unbreakable steel and no matter how hard the dragon trashed and howled he could not break free. The Dragon was cast into Lough Foyle, where he remains in his watery tomb. Locals still feel him as they use the lough and some people even believe the strong tides are linked to the dragon trying to break free!


Do you believe in dragons? Take a day trip to Lough Foyle to see for yourself.

the last dragon in ireland
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